Resources – To maintain positive relationships with others

I spend time with people who are good for me when…

I get together with friends or family.

Spending time with friends and family can help take your mind off things and make you feel better. It can also help you feel less alone during difficult periods. Plus, spending quality time together can help you deepen your relationships with friends and family.

Useful Information and Tools

1 – Maintain Your Social Life (Mood Disorders Society of Canada)

 Tips to help you talk about depression with your relatives and maintain a relationship with them.

I ask friends or family for help (e.g. services, supplies, comfort, someone to listen).

Family and friends can lend a hand in all sorts of ways, whether you’re looking for someone to take your mind off things, advice on dealing with a problem, assistance with a task, a sympathetic ear, or simply some reassurance. Asking for a helping hand often makes you realize that others have experienced similar problems, and that they can offer valuable support.

Useful Information and Tools

1 – Living with a person suffering from mental illness (Goverment of Quebec, 2021)

→ Article for relatives to read to talk about mental illness and connected needs.

2 – Social support (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2017)

→ How To Build Your Own Social Support Networks

3 – How friends and Family can help (Anxiety Canada, 2019)

→ Helpful strategies for friends and family & what friends and family do that is not helpful.

I attend a support group or a self-help group.

Participating in a support or self-help group is an opportunity to meet people who understand you because they’re dealing with similar difficulties themselves. It can help you feel less alone, find strategies for feeling better, and put words on your feelings in a judgement-free environment. Getting support from other group members and learning about their experiences can also help you recognize that your situation can improve.

Useful Tools and Tips

1 – Getting Help (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2014)

2 – Support and Information (Relief)

I have activities and outings with people.

Doing activities and going on outings with others helps you maintain social connections while doing or discovering things you enjoy. Planning activities or outings with others when you feel depressed or low on energy can also give you a reason to leave the house.

Useful Tools and Tips

1 – Maintain Your Social Life (Mood Disorders Society of Canada)

 Tips to help you talk about depression with your relatives and maintain a relationship with them.

I participate in the well-being of others when…

I take care of an animal.

Not only do animals offer unconditional love and comfort, they can also encourage people to be physically active and make social connections. For many, animals can be a source of motivation and empowerment and have positive impacts on mental and physical health (e.g., by reducing stress and anxiety). They can also help people develop social skills, empathy, and self-control.

Useful Information and Tools

1 – Animal-Assisted Therapy (Douglas Mental Health University Insitute, 2015)

2 – Choosing the right animal (SPA Estrie)

I take care of one or more people (e.g. my spouse/partner, children or friends).

Taking care of family and friends can have all sorts of benefits. It can help you feel valued, identify your strengths or reasons for living, and gain perspective on your problems.

Useful Information and Tools

1 – Conflict Resolution Skills (HelpGuide, 2019)

2 – Healthy Relationships Tips (Red Cross Canada, 2020)

 What a healthy relationship is, tips for keeping your relationship positive, what to do when you’re angry and what are your rights in the relationship.

I help people living with difficulties like mine (e.g. by volunteering).

Helping people with difficulties similar to your own can have many positive effects, including helping you feel valued and competent. It can also promote your own well-being. Helping others can allow you to take a step back from your situation and find solutions to your problems. It can also provide opportunities to meet new people with whom you can share your experiences without feeling judged.

Organizations and Help Resources

1 – web platform (FCABQ – Fédération des centres d’action bénévole du Québec) is a provincial web platform dedicated to the pairing of volunteer centers and non-profit organizations with potential volunteers.

2 – I Want to Volunteer (Volunteer Bénévoles Canada)