How does it work?

This personalized tool helps you to more clearly identify what you are already doing to get better, and then to plan actions to take care of your mental health.

To use the tool, you must first register.

  • Creating a user account is necessary so that the site can keep track of your choices of strategies, your self-management plan and your additions (personal strategies, help resources, etc.). This way, you will find them unchanged when you reconnect.

By using the Geting Better My Way, self-management support tool, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. See the Data Policy page for more details.

Once connected to the site, you will be able to (see the preview at the bottom) :

What if I’m already using the printed version?

You’ll love the online tool, simplified and more flexible. You’ll quickly see that there are a few differences between the paper tool and the online tool that are intended to make the tool and the self-management plan even easier to use. Here are some of the key changes: